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Whether a large corporation or an individual client, Jamison Chappel & Beaumont strives to provide its clients with quality representation equal to that of the best law firms in this state. Jamison Chappel & Beaumont emphasizes quality and results while understanding that there is no gain if a judgment in favor of our client is expended by paying litigation costs. Our clients are informed and consulted throughout our relationship regarding the transaction or litigation strategy as well as the associated costs. In this way, we assist our clients in making a reasoned, informed decision regarding the course of the transaction or litigation. 

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Gregory M. Chappel became a member of the State Bar of California in 1984.  Mr. Chappel graduated from the University of California at Berkeley and began a  career in business with an international corporation.  Subsequently he attended and received his law degree from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law.  Upon graduation, Mr. Chappel became an associate with a real estate, business, and banking firm in Fresno before beginning his own practice.  In 1985, he joined together in Oakhurst with his late partner, John O. Jamison, and subsequently formed the firm of Jamison & Chappel in 1992. Mr. Chappel is an experienced appellate attorney who has handled nearly four hundred civil and criminal appeals during his career.


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Leah Zabel obtained her Juris Doctorate degree from Lincoln Law School in Sacramento and became a member of the California State Bar in 2013.  She joined the law firm of Jamison Chappel & Beaumont as an of counsel attorney in October 2022, where she practices real estate, contract, construction, and business law.  In her years of legal practice, she has developed and demonstrated a commitment to protection of core rights and processes that ensure the equitable administration of justice.  


Nanette M. Beaumont is a member of the California State Bar and inactively a member of the Arizona State Bar. She is a highly experienced attorney skilled in the areas of construction, real estate, civil litigation, business, contract, and estate planning. She is a member of the Eastern Madera County Bar Association, Mariposa County Bar Association, Los Angeles County Bar Association, American Bar Association, Oakhurst Sierra Sunrise Rotary Club, and the Oakhurst Chamber of Commerce.  She is also former president of the Eastern Madera County Bar Association. Ms. Beaumont obtained her contractor’s license, including general contracting and engineering classifications, in 1999. She also owns a construction company in Coarsegold, California.